Nanotechnology … Investing the Future

Within the activities of the research centers at the University of Al-Nahrain, the Biotechnology Research Center hosted on 10/1/2019 a scientific symposium entitled “Nanotechnology … Investment of the Future” at the Hall of Biotechnology Research Center. Vice chancellor Prof. Dr. Abdul Jabbar Naama and Professor Dr. Kazem Ibrahim Al-Sumaida’i, Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology at Al-Nahrain University attended the symposium.Prof. Dr. Saad Sز Al-Dujaily, General Director of the Center, opened the symposium and welcomed the attendees. A number of scientific lectures were delivered by the speakers, Dr. Hussein T. Salloum (Nanomaterials in the manufacture of solar cells), Assistant Professor Dr. Dhia`a Shamkhi (Nanotechnology Applications in Criminal Sciences), and  Prof.Dr. Saad S Al-Dujaily (Nanotechnology and Infertility). Certificates of honor were handed to the speakers and guests by the Vice chancellor  at the end  of  symposium.

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Scientific Course

Secondary metabolites”. The course was supervised  by the Assistant
Within the  scientific activities and  events of  the Biotechnology Research Center, the Department of Plant Biotechnology held a scientific course entitled “Extraction and purification Professor Dr. Zeinab Yassin. The course aimed to introduce participants to the components and types of secondary metabolites produced by the plant and methods of extraction and purification for laboratory and industrial scale… The certificates of participation were distributed by the  General Director of the Center, Dr. Saad S Al-Dujaily .They were also received with all the hospitality and honor …

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The cultural scientific season

Within the activities and events of the cultural scientific season of the Biotechnology Research Center, the Center held on 14/1/2019 scientific lectures presented by Prof. Dr. Saad S. Al-Dujaily, General Director  of the Center, a lecture on the effect of electromagnetic waves on fertility. The lecture focused on the concept of electromagnetic waves and its role on human general health and the living organisms and how these waves might affect human fertility …Prof. Dr Ibrahim Al-Mashhadani also gave a presentation entitled (Mechanisms of salt tolerance in plant), the lecture focused on the plant’s mechanical salt tolerance in the soil and he shed the light on recent methods to tackle this problem. The forum was attended by the General  Director  of the Center,  and  the researchers of the Center as well as a number of lecturers from different universities. Scientific discussions were involved in this session.

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